Maiken Hauksdatter Lyng Østerhagen

Creativity is the essence of my life. It is what fuels me. The constant flow of energy that I can link myself onto and completely bury myself in. I express myself mainly through photography, drawing or writing. It energizes me and makes my world feel like a magical one. 

I truly believe that I have to live my own truth and create my own reality in order to be happy. By following my inner compass and not other people’s truth I can decide who I am and who I want to be and how I want to live my life. To me, that is freedom.

I love nature, I love beauty, I love strangeness, I love people, I love light, I love darkness.

I have my photographic education from the Norwegian School of Photography, where I studied both Art Photography and Commercial Photography. 

Currently studying to get a bachelors degree in fine art at the fine art academy in Trondheim, Kunstakademiet.

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